Sunday, May 14, 2006

How Being a Mother is Like Being a Marine

Today is mother's day, and I have always thought of this day in terms of honoring my own mother. But for the first time, with all the women I know having children, it occured to me: how do I regard Mother's Day as a woman who has elected not to be a mother herself? Do I feel left out? The short answer is: no.

I think of Mother's day much like I think of Veteran's Day. I am extremely grateful to all the soldiers who serve our country; however, I don't grudge those who decide not to join. It's not for everybody.

I feel much the same way about motherhood-- I admire those who have taken the responsibility seriously, and are doing a great service to everyone by raising the next generation. I admire my own mother for the job she has done. You see, I can admire an occupation that I have chosen not to pursue.

So today, I salute those who have chosen to be mothers, who take the job seriously, because they are in it for the long haul- no matter what. All I ask is that you don't grudge my decision not to sign up.

My goals lie on other fields of battle.

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