Sunday, July 30, 2006

Beyond White Zinfandel.....

Coming of drinking age in California in the early 90's meant my first wines were the icky-sweet, mass-produced, cheap white zinfandels. As I have branched out and learned to drink wine out of a bottle rather than a box, I have followed popular wisdom (and my changing palate) and left the pink wine behind.

But, lo and behold! Not all pink wine is icky-sweet. There is a long tradition in Europe of dry rosé that is crisp, refreshing, and pairs well with many foods. In fact, there is an organization called RAP (Rosé Avengers and Producers) that is trying to break the taboo of pink wine in California. Vinography has a report on the recent pink wine tasting in SF.

Vinography: A Wine Blog: Drinking Pink: Notes From the RAP Pink Out Rose Tasting

While my local supermarket only sells one true rosé upon its shelves, the liquor store down the street from me (K's liquor on Capitola Avenue) has an excellent wine selection, and a few California and European rosés. In fact, it was the wine merchant that suggested a rosé when Rob and I were looking for something different. Trader Joe's also has a few rosés as well.

It looks like I'll be branching out and blushing pink the rest of the summer....

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