Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Thesis Wiki

I started a wiki to collect idea possibilities for my Master's Thesis. My current idea is "Wikis as Stigmergic Structures."

(By the way, the picture to the left is a termite mound, architected with no architect.)

If you are curious about stigmergy, check out Wikipedia's article.

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Mark Elliott said...

Hi Julia,

I just came across your blog doing a Technorati search and i thought i'd say hello.

I'm 2/3rds the way through a PhD with the core focus being 'stigmergic collaboration' - based on a theoretical framework i developed and published here: Stigmergic Collaboration: The evolution of group work

I've done some blogging on stigmergy here: but will soon be moving my blogging activities in full here

I've just had my efforts severely interrupted by the birth of twins :-) so my progress has slowed a little, however i'll be back at it in the next few weeks - i'd be happy to share and exchange resources as I come across them.