Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crossfit Update

Had my second Crossfit class tonight..... can't type much, because I'm shaking.... I almost puked during the second run, but managed to hold it together. I didn't know what a Turkish Get Up was before tonight.

I cried when I got home.

Still, I'm going back on Friday.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Crossfit Kicks Ass.... Mine, that is....

Dear Diary,

I had my first Crossfit class last night. I survived! (Barely.) This is after six private sessions with Chriscilla, my trainer, to teach me the exercises. We did something like this:

1000 meter row

21 thrusters (with a dowel)
21 jumping pull-ups
12 thrusters
12 jumping pull-ups
9 thrusters
9 jumping pull-ups

Set 1:
21 cleans
21 jumping ring dips

Set 2:
Sprint (about 400 meters?)
21 kettle-bell swings
12 jumping pull-ups

Set 3:
21 Dead lifts
21 Push-ups

Finish: 500 meter row for time (which means we race to see who can finish first. Guess who came in last?)

Just for fun: 50 sit-ups

I felt pretty good just being able to finish, though. I'm a little sore today, but not as bad as I thought I'd be. My shoulders and back are pretty sore. I also have a hard time squatting to the floor and up again. My goal is to hit two classes a week.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Thesis Wiki

I started a wiki to collect idea possibilities for my Master's Thesis. My current idea is "Wikis as Stigmergic Structures."

(By the way, the picture to the left is a termite mound, architected with no architect.)

If you are curious about stigmergy, check out Wikipedia's article.

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