Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We've Made a decision.....


Rob says in the video: "several years." This is slightly jumping the gun, in my opinion. I would say a couple years, and then..... who knows?


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia and Rob...

Much enjoyed your very droll
"We've made a decision...."
And, Julia, your mother says she
is sending you a box.
Cheerio! Charles (as in "Uncle")

Anonymous said...

Hola Julia and Rob,

This is Jennifer, friend of your Uncle Charles (who told me of your blog)and wife of Walter Schuster who I'm sure you remember! I found your YouTube interesting, as one of my brothers, Paul, made a similar decision to yours a few years ago. He was living in Oregan at the time. Paul moved to Columbia but has been talking recently about moving to Argentina. Right now I think he's in Oregan getting his house ready to sell. I'm sure he'd be happy to talk to you if you'd like.

Jennifer in Los Alamitos, CA

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to tell you how to reach me: cybermama1@aol.com

Jennifer Schuster

Margaret and Calvin said...

WOW! We really can't believe you discounted New York so abruptly?!? Maybe you will save so much $$ in BA that you can next move to NYC? The weather isn't that bad :) Seriously, WOW. Great decision!!! We are so excited for you guys! We have some great friends who know a lot about BA, if you need some help and connections. Hope you learn more spanish than we know. We just know uno mas cervesa :)
Margaret and Calvin