Friday, January 04, 2008

Buenos Aires Field Notes: A Night Out

The Living is a little nightclub just a couple of blocks away from our apartment that is essentially a big lounge with couches and easy chairs to relax, talk, and groove to the 80's videos shown on the big screen in front of the lounge. Weekdays are pretty mellow with a 20s-30s crowd, with a mixture of locals and tourists. Everyone loves the 8os here- they regularly play Depeche Mode, early Police, etc.

The weekends become livelier as it turns into more of a dance club late in the evening (or morning, as it were). They also serve dinner (which we haven't tried).

It's a good time, just a couple of blocks away- another hidden gem, since you wouldn't even know that it exists given it has no sign out front, just a doorway and a staircase. We only found it through a tip by a local.

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Quickroute said...

By coincidence, I was there just the other night for my wifes birthday. We signed up for the 33 peso 3 course meal and had about a dozen people.
We weren't expecting anything special as its more known as a lounge /club etc but it was actually quite ok. When the music finally came on about 12:30am it was pretty good 80's and 90's and the place was packed by 2am and still pretty busy when we left at 5am

Cheers, Quickroute