Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chavez Watch: More Nationalization

With all the election coverage, this is getting lost:

Chavez takes over biggest gold mine in Venezuela: minister

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's
government will take over and nationalize La Cristinas, the biggest
gold mine in the country owned by Canada's Crystallex, Mining Minister
Rodolfo Sanz said Wednesday.

The move is part of leftist Chavez's
socialist agenda that calls for nationalizing Venezuela's natural
resources. Over the past year, he has taken over the electricity, oil,
steelmaking, cement and telephone enterprises

"This mine will be seized and managed by a state administration," Sanz said in a statement.


Anonymous said...

Chavez congratulated Obama. He's a friend to Obama. So this news is no big deal.

Julia said...

I don't understand the logic. Chavez congratulated Obama, yes. That doesn't mean they have any policies in common. And I would argue that any time a President is going to "seize" assets owned by a private company and make them national property, it's a big deal.

Quickroute said...

@Anon: oh I see - so by your logic if Osama Bin Laden sent a video msg of congrats to Obama then "He's a friend to Obama...and it's no big deal" - hmmmm your thought process is slightly flawed me thinks