Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nasty Email

Here is my latest nasty email:

Mr. Aimonetti:

I just saw the slide deck of the presentation you created for the Golden Gate Ruby conference, entitled “Perform like a Pr0n Star.” I saw that your name and the title was on the schedule for the conference, and so I can only assume that it was given.

I wanted to express my extreme displeasure at the fact that 1) this presentation was approved for the conference, and 2) that you thought it appropriate.

In what world is pornography an appropriate metaphor for a public professional presentation? Are you out of your mind? Are you completely oblivious to the context in which you work and live? Did you come into the workforce straight from the fraternity house?

I have nothing against pornography. I actually like pornography, in my PERSONAL life. I don’t assume other people like it, however, and I wouldn’t put a poster of a woman’s ass on my front door, or read Penthouse on the subway. I doubt you would either. But somehow, you thought it acceptable to give a presentation with allusions to porn, group sex, acid-taking, pole-dancing, etc. in a public conference. This astounds me on so many levels.

You obviously thought it would go over well, because your audience was probably a bunch of privileged, infantile male programmers who don’t have teenaged daughters that want to enter the world of science and engineering. And thanks to scumbags like you, they won’t WANT to go into science and engineering, because they are forced to deal with overly macho reptilian-brained imbeciles who think it’s appropriate to mix porn and their professional life.

Please grow up. Please think about the larger context of what you do, and how it affects the world. If you think software a respectable profession, then treat it like one.


Julia Evans

(Here is the preso:

You can email hi yourself if you want. His email is in the preso.

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Amy said...

I'm a bit late to this whole incident (reached your blog by following a trail of other links), but just wanted to say that I thought this post and the subsequent one were not only on target but really well-written and well-articulated. Thanks.