Monday, July 06, 2009

Comparison of Legal/Illegal Activities between Argentina and the U.S.

I made a spreadsheet that compares what is legal/illegal in Argentina and the U.S. This is from my own general knowledge, so if you see mistakes, please leave a comment.

I would also be interested in things that are legal in one country and illegal in the other that I missed.

Link to spreadsheet

It's hard to make a generalization about either country by what each chooses to make legal/illegal, but I think the laws reflect the different religious roots. Argentina is largely Roman Catholic, and abortion is illegal, but the people generally have a "live-and-let-live" attitude to most people's personal lives. The protestant background of the U.S. generally is reflected in less restrictions on trade, but a more moralizing aspect to people's personal lives.

This post was written, in part, for where Julia writes about her expat adventures, as well as on this blog. You can follow her in both places.


Robert Evans said...

"Argentines love to protest. It is one of their favorite pastimes, next to grilling meat."

Comedy gold! ;-)

WynnsWoods said...

Prostitution is legal here and the illegality is centered not around brothels per se, or solicitation. Rather it is illegal to promote prostitution. That means a prostitute can solicite money for sex but a taxi driver can not refer you to someone because that is an act of promoting prostitution. Taos Turner has a great article here on the subject based in part on an interview with a Buenos Aires Asst. District Atty:

Julia said...

Thanks for the clarification, Sam. That's really interesting. I guess prostitution has enough demand that it doesn't need PR.

Anonymous said...

Private use never was illegal.
Posession yes.
The public standard that media is trying to install is that through the courts, there is "descriminalizacion"
Besides, the old law of drugs here states that addicts must have an rehabilitation.
Be careful, one thing is what the press says, and another very different is the one than the lay actually says.

Unknown said...

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Darren Alff said...

Is it true that you have to get your baby names approved first! That is absolutely crazy! Why in the world is that a rule? That's nuts!

And I had no idea about voting being mandatory in Argentina. What happens if you don't vote? Do you get arrested or fined or what?

Kiran said...

I enjoyed this comparison! Just wanted to mention that drinking in public (on the sidewalk or the street, or even walking your drink out of a restaurant onto the street) is both legal and socially acceptable in New Orleans. Restaurants even give "go cups" for your unfinished beer. The only restriction is that you can't have the drink in a glass container. (That could be dangerous!) We even have drive-thru daquiri stands. As long as the straw isn't in the drink, that's legal, too!

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