Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Legos–Those Evil Tools of Capitalist Domination - Britannica Blog

Legos–Those Evil Tools of Capitalist Domination - Britannica Blog:

Here's a blog entry that describes a situation in a private school in Washington in which the Lego town class was building was accidentally destroyed one weekend. The teachers thought it was a good opportunity to teach the kids a lesson in economics:

"The teachers devised a game involving Lego blocks. In the first round, the fundamental rule of the game, an explanation what was required to win, was kept from the children until after they had each chosen a set of blocks. Then it was announced that colors have point value, and the child who happened to have chosen all his blocks of the highest-value color was declared winner. In subsequent rounds new rules were added by previous winners. After several rounds there was general disgust with the game. What was the point? The teachers explain it to us as they had to explain it to the children, who in their still unenlightened state

were unable or unwilling to see that the rules of the game — which mirrored the rules of our capitalist meritocracy — were a setup for winning and losing."

Those damn capitalist LEGOs! I guess we should all be given an equal number of blocks, regardless of whether we have earned it.

They should have let kids who perform better in the class (in behavior and academic achievement) have more blocks to add to the city.

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