Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Argentine government Seizing Private Property

This strike thing is heating up. Beyond the scarcity of meat here in the city, things are hot and heavy in the campo. Apparently, the Argentine government is seizing cattle of strike supporters. Yanqui mike (farmer) has stopped posting and receiving comments on the matter because of concerns for his own safety.

yanqui mike buenos aires argentina: My last post... for my own safety: "Today's print and web edition of La Nacion reports that 50 members of the Argentina's Federal Police forcibly seized five truckloads of cattle from the ranch of a strike supporter near the town of Brandsen, southeast of the provincial capital of Buenos Aires, La Plata.

The story has not appeared in any other media outlets."

Seizing private property? We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

BTW: As a self-decribed socialist, I wonder if Yanqui Mike still supports the tax increases.


yanqui mike said...

Hi Julia! Thanks for the plug... especially since I won't be blogging about the strike any further.

Just for the record, I was in favor of the taxes (I like paying taxes and I like the way the Kirchner's distributed them toward a more just society.)

But I backed the rural strikers when the new increases were announced at harvest time under the guise of influencing planting influence planting in the spring.

Taxes have been high but we all did our part to make Argentina a great success story and not the 3rd world slum that everyone said it would become after the default.

But the new increases were nothing but confiscatory and showed no respect for what ordinary country people have done for the economy.

Now, we're talkin' real confiscation with police and trucks and all that. Thanks again. Gotta go!

Julia said...

Hmm... IMHO, all taxes are confiscatory, whether you agree with them or not.